War Room Prayer is an opportunity designed to allow weekly authoritative intercession through the night hours as we begin to see vital breakthrough and salvation in our families!

This will begin Sunday, August 25th and occur every NIGHT until November 3rd.

Let us know if you would like to be connected
with this biblical culture of fervency, faith, and victory in prayer.



Why fight with prayer?

- Your daughter, having pressure to conform in a hyper-sexual culture
- Your young son, bullied to the point of suicidal despair
- Your nephew, at college, tempted by radical humanism to abandon his faith

Porn, addiction, materialism, depression... these aren't random scenarios, they are the facts of everyday life. And not "out there," but here, in the church. Perhaps in your own family! We are losing a generation and nothing will change until we admit that something MUST change. 

In days of high moral conflict, we cannot afford to passively sit on the sidelines while our families unravel under the extraordinary spiritual onslaught we see all around. No place is safe: home, school, work... Modern society is a minefield of falsehoods and perversions, easy temptations and overwhelming despair. Our spouses and children are being stolen right from under our noses. Non-intervention is no longer an option!

To counter this devastation, the Holy Spirit is putting steel in the spines of mothers and fathers. "Not my child!" is our new cry - and THIS is why we fight!