January 15th - February 4th

Simply put, we desire a greater understanding and expression of Jesus in our homes, our church, and our city. We are putting aside good and permissible things to make extra room in our schedules to get before God, ask Him to speak to us about our future and listen to what He has to say. Our season of fasting is not a religious event but more a personal and corporate pursuit of the One we love because we want to know Him more.

  • JANUARY 15 - 21 - MEALS - During the first week of fasting choose an aspect of your regular diet to go without for the purpose of drawing near to God.

  • JANUARY 22 - 28 - MOUTH - For the second week of our fast we will ask God what we need to NOT talk about. Put aside language that’s not pleasing to God or even conversations that are permissible and instead let’s seek more of God & speak scripture.

  • JANUARY 29 - February 4 - MEDIA - This final week of our fast we will shut off certain things in our lives to create more time where we can focus on knowing God and hear what He is speaking to us. Technology isn’t evil, but it can clutter our lives very easily.

Here is a digital PDF of the Prayer Guide that corresponds with TWENTY-ONE. 

Stay connected through this journey...

The DESTINYCHURCHSTL mobile app and Destiny Church facebook page are great ways to stay connected and encouraged throughout these twenty-one days!

How has the Lord moved in your life during this fast? Share your story here!