This summer Destiny will be studying various chapters from the book of Psalms in our new teaching series, Summer in the Psalms. We’ve created a number of resources for you to use every day this summer to maximize our time in Psalms. Jump on our mobile app, DestinyChurchSTL, for a personalized Reading Plan through Psalms, follow our facebook page for special media posts, and receive weekly emails of encouragement from our leadership.



  • Reading and listen through the Book of Psalms
  • Meditate on one scripture each day
  • Receive our weekly e-blast with words of encouragement from leadership. Don't receive this? Sign up HERE.


reading through the book of psalms

Encountering God in the Bible is one of the greatest things human beings can experience. We will have created a reading plan on our mobile app "DESTINYCHURCHSTL" that will take us through the book of Psalms from June 3rd - August 5th while we spend our Summer in the Psalms. At any time we encourage you to join us on the journey!

Here are some tips to help you as you read through the Psalms with us this summer:

  • COMMIT. Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for what He wants to show you through the summer. Then commit fully to meeting with Him over the next ten weeks and watch with anticipation and see how He moves! We suggest setting aside a specific time dedicated to reading the text for the day. Ensure that this time is focused exclusively on the Bible. 
  • PRAY. Before you begin each reading, open your time in prayer. Acknowledge the greatness of our God and tell Him how thankful you are that He is there with you. Ask him to open your eyes to what he wants you to see and for him to ready your heart to see and embrace whatever is in the text you're reading. 
  • GRAB A NOTEBOOK. Jot down words, phrases, or verses that jump out at you while you read. At the end of the summer you will be able to look back and read the journal of what God spoke to you. 

We believe that reading through the Psalms will help you encounter God's profoundly beautiful love and glory! The Book of Psalms has something for all stages of life - praise, joy, despair, anguish, and even dancing! 



Tips adapted from blog.