Our Weekend Experience +

We begin our services with singing songs of praise and worship to the Lord. Destiny Worship has teams of musicians and singers whose single goal is to help people experience Jesus together. At every service you will see that Destiny is a strong local church with deep roots in worship.

Why We Take Communion +

At the heart of our corporate worship is the Last Supper, in which we receive communion once a month corporately. Each week the messages from our Teaching Team lead us toward the Last Supper and guide us to experience Jesus there together. We remember what Christ has done for us, as we look for the Great Feast one day, and as we receive His grace abounding to us in fresh ways.

We Grow In Community +

God has designed us to be part of His family; living in relationship with Him as we Grow, Pray, and Serve. All who come to Destiny should have the opportunity to form Christ-centered relationships without having to search far and wide to find them. This happens on Sundays in our Section Communities and throughout the week in our Groups where we gather for meals together and study Scripture.

Destiny Kids +

On the weekends you will see Destiny Kids worshipping, praying, building friendships, and having fun in their own age-specific service. Our mission is to partner with the Holy Spirit and families to help children discover, experience, and follow Jesus. Learn more about Destiny Kids