Duane & Leslie Ficker with Adonai International in Guatemala

Set in the highlands of rural Guatemala, Adonai Ministries sits in the midst of the Mayan Quiche Indians, with a small Latin population as well. Their heart is the reach out to the “least of there in our area” – the indigenous population. A reserved and humble people in general, most still continue to speak exclusively in the Quiche dialect and follow the same cultural practices that their people have been carrying out for thousands of years. Adonai International Ministries has many areas of ministry to reach the Mayan Quiche Indians. Their programs would include areas such as Medicine, Agriculture, Aviation, Child Sponsorship, Widow’s Project, and a Nursing School. Duane and Leslie Ficker relocated to Guatemala permanently in 2001 and have been developing Adonai International Ministries with their six children ever since.

Lisa Yow with Bridge of Love in India

Bridge of Love ministers to the lepers and the poor throughout the villages of India. They also provide training and leadership for the local pastors. Their desire is to start a church planting movement among the unreached villages of India and to share the unconditional love of Jesus to the lost and broken.  First and foremost their purpose is to bring love and hope to the nations. Bridge of Love focuses on those who have yet to hear the Good News along with the need to hear the cry of the poor, see their pain and suffering, and respond in loving kindness. Their passion is for Jesus, souls coming to Christ, and bringing the kingdom of God to this earth.

Mark & Joani Akers with Oasis International in Saint Louis, MO

Oasis’ mission is to love and care for those who seek refuge from a war torn country. They work to impart the love and Power of God through ministering to refugees in need in the Saint Louis area and teaching in churches, seminars, schools, outreaches and personal ministry. Oasis International tutors refugee families and provides many educational classes for the new arrivals to Saint Louis.

Jim & Pat Harris with Relevant Expeditions throughout Asia

Relevant Expeditions has a vision to evangelize villages by building relationships, delivering humanitarian relief and mentoring indigenous missionaries to reach their own people. They are involved in outreaches to widows, orphans, and those with leprosy. They conduct crusades that install an everlasting hope in the hearts and minds of people who have very little hope of a better tomorrow.

Scott & Jennifer *** in Israel

Josh *** in Middle East

*** Names have been omitted for protection due to the sensitive area and persecution of Christians in the area which they serve.