The heart of Destiny Church is to grow, pray, and serve as we experience Jesus together. 


Our Weekend Experience +

Our services are about 90 minutes long and begin with singing songs of praise and worship to the Lord. Destiny Worship has teams of musicians and singers whose single goal is to help people experience Jesus together. Pastor Jim or members of the teaching team then deliver a relevant Bible-centered message. Once a month, we take commonunion together as a body of believers. Kids ministry is provided for all ages.

Why We Take Communion +

At the heart of our corporate worship is the Last Supper, in which we receive communion once a month corporately. Each week the messages from our Teaching Team lead us toward Jesus and guide us to experience Him there together. We remember what Christ has done for us, His body and blood a representation of redemption and healing, and we receive His grace abounding to us in fresh ways.

We Grow In Community +

God has designed us to be part of His family; living in relationship with Him as we Grow, Pray, and Serve. All who come to Destiny should have the opportunity to form Christ-centered relationships without having to search far and wide to find them. This happens on Sundays in our Section Communities and throughout the week in various Small Groups where we gather for meals together, study Scripture, or worship and pray together. Our mid-week Encounter Service on Tuesday nights is also a place to connect and grow.

Destiny Kids +

On the weekends you will see Destiny Kids worshipping, praying, building friendships, and having fun in their own age-specific service. Our mission is to partner with the Holy Spirit and families to help children discover, experience, and follow Jesus. Learn more about Destiny Kids


When you visit our Main Auditorium you will quickly see that our seating is portioned off into sections. We have embraced this layout and strive to connect with people intentionally and stratgically through this. Each section on the Main Floor and Balcony has a Section Leader that will be wearing a lanyard with their name on it. They are there for you to connect with before or after service. Not only can they answer your questions, but they can also get you more information about Destiny and introduce you to other friends sitting in the same section. This does NOT mean you can only sit in this same section every week, though! Feel free to bounce around week to week until you find a place that feels right to you.



Whether you've been at Destiny Church for two weeks or two years, we would like to invite you to our Discover Class. In a cozy setting with breakfast bars and coffee, various Destiny Leaders will share the history, vision, and beliefs of Destiny Church as well as how our calling to grow, pray and serve together in woven into our DNA. If you can not attend one of the weeks, that’s ok. Catch it the next month!

Our staff and department leaders will be ready to greet you and help you connect and grow here within our community. We look forward to seeing you!

*Note: 5th Sundays do not have classes.

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Jim & Jessica Stern

Jim Stern leads Destiny Church alongside his wife, Jessica, and has a passion for raising up strong leaders that will have a lasting impact in their world. Through messages that are engaging and challenging, Pastor Jim empowers believers in all stages of life to encounter Jesus and love him in a whole-hearted way.




Service Times

Sunday 10:00 am
Tuesday 6:30 pm


Monday - Thursday: 9am - 4pm