February 4th - March 4th

All of Destiny comes together each year to participate in an all-church series. This journey together is going to stir and stretch us as we pursue a clearer picture of who our Savior Jesus really is. Just to “warn” you in advance, our eyes are going to be opened to our mission-minded God like never before. He didn’t just create the idea of missions to include us in His plan - God Himself is a Missionary and our involvement in the advancement of gospel mission is one of the greatest ways we become more like Him!

make the most of this series

JOIN A SMALL GROUP HERE! Gain insight from group discussion led by leaders of Destiny who life with a missional heart and lifestyle. Small Groups are offered Tuesday evenings from 7pm - 8:30pm and Sunday mornings from 8:45am - 9:45am. Childcare is provided during both times.

Use this SMALL GROUP STUDY GUIDE to participate in Small Group discussions and receive focused prayer points for each week.